Career Services


Career Counseling is a specialized field which focuses on helping clients to establish and reach their career goals.   I begin with a personalized and confidential assessment of your needs and goals and together we construct a plan to assist you in reaching your goals.

As a licensed psychologist, with extensive training in career counseling and vocational psychology, I am able to help focus your career search and create a plan to accomplish your goals for life in a confidential atmosphere.  The confidentiality of working with a licensed professional can be very important to persons who are dealing with sensitive career issues or are trying to resolve difficult work situations.

Career Counseling is typically NOT covered by health insurance.  However, persons who are experiencing extreme anxiety or distress related to career issues may be able to work on career issues as a part of their insurance covered therapy.  I can work with you in your first session to develop a package of services that meets your needs with a clear estimate of the cost of services.  Some clients may be able to use their Employee Assistance Benefits to access career counseling.

Personal Exploration Assessment

Clients who do not have a career issue but would like to make use of assessment instruments gain better understanding of themselves and their patterns of interaction may choose to do a Personalzed Assessment Profile.