Are your services confidential?

Yes, as a licensed psychologist our work is protected by state and federal laws.  I take many steps to assure your confidentiality and provide a safe atmosphere for your growth and healing.

There are a few instances when I would be required to break confidentiality such as to protect children from abuse,  to protect your life or the safety of someone else, or in very rare instances due to a court subpoena.  Clients who use health insurance to pay for services will need to allow communication with their insurance provider, but this is typically quite limited.

Do you take insurance?

I am a Preferred Provider for  Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare,  and Tricare/MHN.   I also will file insurance claims for other insurance plans, reimbursement will generally be at your “out-of-network” rates. 

Is there a sliding fee scale?

I hold a few places in my practice for those who are unable to pay for insurance or whose insurance does not cover my services. These spaces are generally reserved for persons who need help in my specialty areas.

How long will it take before I start to feel better?

Unfortunately, every person has a different situation and a different response to therapy.   I work with each client to develop a plan that suits your needs.  Many clients find some relief in their first few sessions.

Do you have evening or weekend appointments? 

I do not currently have openings in the evenings and do not have weekend appointments.