Mindfulness and Emotions 


This 8-session group introduces the use of mindfulness practice to understand, regulate and learn to tolerate your moods and emotions.  It is appropriate for persons who find themselves overwhelmed with emotions such as anxiety, fear, sadness and depression.  It is also appropriate for people who are doing pretty well, but would like to increase their sense of serenity and enjoyment in life.

Dr. MacDonald has developed and presented this group over the past seven years. The group draws on Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and mindfulness practices from Zen Buddhism.  DBT was initially developed to help persons with very serious emotional difficulties.  This group adapts some of these very helpful practices for a larger group of people.

While the approach draws on practices of Zen Buddhism , it is taught in a way that allows persons to approach the concepts from within their own religious traditions.

Persons who are seeing another provider for individual therapy are welcome in this group, with their therapist’s consent.

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